My journey to having my own coaching practice has been an interesting one to say the least!

If someone had told me back in 1994 when I was a single mom at 17 years old, that I would own and be managing four successful businesses by the age of 41 with my husband, I would never have believed them! 

I put myself through school at the age of 18 as a Paralegal and worked for the Court system in Connecticut as well as private Law Firms for 17 years.  I then met my husband when I was 25 (the best story ever) and we went on to have two more children and run our businesses.  With three small children and very little money we grew our first business, and the rest is history!

From the young girl who doubted she was capable of being a mom at such a young age, to the woman who is now in charge of running these businesses, I’ve learned there is nothing you can-not achieve in life.  I am a serial entrepreneur. I love building and creating businesses. I also love coaching people in small business as well as life. I am a certified life and business empowerment coach.  I teach mindfulness and work extensively with people on finding tools for them that work on overcoming fear and anxiety.