Happy Clients & Testimonials


She saw my greatness and showed the path to embrace it...
— Dr.Darja Bitenc

Heather thank you again!
Heather took me on a journey to my true golden self. She saw my greatness and showed the path to embrace it. She helped me find and nurture faith and ability to create abundance in my life. I was anticipating our talks with joy and excitement and still today I feel her faith supporting me. 
With gratitude,
-Dr.Darja Bitenc, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Thank you to my Coach Heather Ellert Driscoll for all of the TLC you provide on our coaching calls. You challenged me to go beyond my own limitations and to travel the road less traveled.

You didn't see me where I was instead you saw who I was destined to be.
I was asked questions that opened up parts of me that I had forgotten. Heather I enjoyed every moment I spent with you. You are confident and skilled at what you do and I am honored that you crossed my path at this time in my life.

-Alisha Porter Chicago, IL

Heather is incredible! Her coaching has helped me transform in so many ways. She is gifted at recognizing my limiting thought patterns and then helping me to rewire my thoughts so I can view my life with a positive and grateful lens. She has helped me to create a dream life and trust that things are working out for me, despite my tendency to fall in to worry! I have worked with other mindset coaches in the past but Heather is, by far, the most exceptional mindset coach I have encountered! The results I have achieved while working with her are unreal. She listens deeply and her sense of humor will make coaching fun! She is truly the most phenomenal and inspirational coach and I can't say enough good things about her!

-Dr. Ellen Morello