WHO IS Rebecca? 

Rebecca grasped at an early age the nature of things spiritual, and has always had an insatiable thirst for the mysterious, ethereal realm. She has studied the works of numerous seekers and authors over the past 40 years, including, Wayne Dyer, Joel Goldsmith, Caroline Myss and more recently has become a student of A Course in Miracles. Her favorite readings are the teachings of Jesus, The Christ as put forth in the Bible as well as The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, The Christ.
Rebecca is a Spiritual teacher and an ordained chaplain. She officiates at wedding ceremonies as well as end-of-life memorial services. She has co-founded Back to Eden, a spiritual learning center, with her daughter, Heather Ellert Driscoll.
Rebecca writes poetry/music and enjoys playing the guitar and performing for local audiences. Rebecca is 63 years old, and lives at "Graceland, Too," in Ashford, Ct., with her husband, Bill, of 43 years. Together they have 4 amazing children and 12 grandchildren.